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Party Affiliation ... or not

Not so fast. You have options in MA

Wait, you say that you aren't a Democrat, Libertarian, or a Republican? Why should you register to vote? In Massachusetts, eligible voters may choose to enroll in a political party, enroll with a political designation, or register as an unenrolled voter, ie., an independent.

All registered voters may participate in general and municipal elections.


Massachusetts voters enrolled in a particular party may only vote in that party’s primary.


In contrast, “unenrolled” or independent voters may request a ballot for either party. In Massachusetts, 56% of voters are registered as "unenrolled." 

Many voters abstain from aligning with a specific party so that they may vote for specific candidates in primary elections versus voting for a party's platform.

An eligible voter can take any number of quizzes to see where their views fall on the political spectrum.

The Pew Research Center offers an unbiased quiz designed to help eligible voters ascertain where they fit in the political typology.


ISideWith offers another such quiz.

Group of people standing together united.

Political Party Resources

Massachusetts Democratic Party


Democratic Town & Ward Committees

Find your local committee

Libertarian Association of Massachusetts


Massachusetts Republican Party


Republican Town & Ward Committees

Find your local committee

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