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Register to Vote

From our drinking water to the roads we drive on, state and local governments affect every aspect of our lives. Voting in state and municipal elections is the most effective way to affect change in our daily lives.


Eligible residents can register to vote online, by mail, or in person at their town hall, the Elections Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office, or a Registry of Motor Vehicles location.


Potential young voters can pre-register to vote at age 16. And, some municipalities are working to lower the voting age to age 16 in their local elections.

Check Your Registration Status

If you are 18+ and are a legal Massachusetts resident, you are eligible to vote in local elections. Start by checking your voter registration status. Remember - you can't vote unless you are registered!


Voting is the most effective way to have a say in local government. Set reminders in your calendars, or sign up for email reminders from for election days and make time in your schedule to vote in person, during early voting, or by absentee ballot.


Note: In July 2021, Governor Charlie Baker signed into law extension to Massachusetts' COVID-19 vote-by-mail election reform through December 15, 2021. 

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